The Inkwell – Showcasing our talented writers

Calling all our aspiring writers – Mrs Hawkins has set up The Inkwell on Firefly. This is a space where we will showcase the work of the many talented writers of CHSC.  If you have a submission for the page or would like your work to be considered for The Ink Well, please email Mrs Hawkins at Here is a piece from a Year 10 student who prefers to remain anonymous:

‘I feel like I most belong on the walk home.

I watch the cars blow past and their wheels turn up the rain and they make me aware of life.

I walk into the wind and it blows back my hair as I walk down the street.

It’s the calm before the storm yet also a sigh of relief that you give after a test.

It is just me and my music left in comfortable solitude and allowed to roam my thoughts.

With every step my heartbeat grows stronger as my journey ends and the day’s serenity comes to a close.

I’ve grown over my trek; I’ve been replenished by every step.

My will has multiplied with every breath, no matter the cold, no matter the warm, no matter the sun, no matter the rain:

I will take this path again.’

Coming soon – The Ink Well will be a school club for all years to join – keep checking in for updates.


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