Vision, Ethos and Values

“Together we will achieve success by developing our strengths, exploring our talents and recognising that Christ, our original teacher, will support us.”

We are a school open to everyone. We strive to help our students achieve success by empowering them to use their imagination, to explore their interests and to take all opportunities available to them.

We are a community which nurtures confidence, empathy, integrity and academic achievement in every individual. Students are encouraged to explore the whole range of their talents and to aspire and achieve success intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. Everything we do, upholds our commitment to ensuring that our students leave us equipped with knowledge of themselves, of their abilities, and of the world they inherit with all its history, diversity and fragility.

Our ethos provides all members of the school community with a safe and nurturing environment allowing all students to flourish and develop their talents. We expect our students to work hard and to aim high. We value knowledge, intellectual curiosity and independence of mind. We take pride in sharing and celebrating achievements both academically and outside the classroom.

Our staff care deeply about our students. This is visible in the strong relationships they forge with both the students and their families. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team will do all they can to ensure that students are provided with the necessary skills and experiences in order to thrive as individuals and exceed their expectations.

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