Dear Parents and Carers,

Firstly, I would like to start with some great news. One of our Year 9 students has made us very proud as she won Dot Art competition for Cheshire and Liverpool. We have placed a tweet with the link to the gallery where you will see her work.

I cannot believe that we are almost at the end of the year. It is certainly not the year we expected but we have to look forward, and on the 9th July, the government told us that all schools should plan to be open in September. This is what we are in the process of doing. We are following the guidelines to the letter and are planning to open for all our students in the safest way possible at the start of September. The school may look different and what we took as normal, may not be the same, but expectations and standards will remain high, and I know that if we all work together, we can make this a success.

I am offering a warning though that we hope to cement our plans this week and then we will furnish you with information. I ask that you don’t become impatient with us as we feed you information. The logistics are immense but we have to get it right for everyone, so all the information we send out will be detailed. As you know, the school has remained opened since March 23rd so there will be somebody on hand to answer questions. I do ask that you give us until next week before we start sending information regarding September.

This week, we aim to send out the tracking for our students and information on Results Days for our A level students and our GCSE students. We will also let you know about our plans for Year 6 induction.

We hope God will help us with our planning for September and I end with a quote that I think is rather apt as we move into a world which will be changing,

‘It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change’ Charles Darwin.

Keep us in your prayers,

Mrs McKeagney


Please head over to our Transition page for current Year 6 pupils who are due to join us for Year 7. You will find lots of useful information and links to help you prepare for starting with us.




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