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Social Media and its Influence on Young Lives By Eliana

Being a teenager in this generation means you will more than likely be engaged in a form of social media. Be it TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat,…

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The Qatar World Cup – Fifa’s biggest own goal! By Joe

The Qatar World Cup is the biggest scandal in football history built on a lack of human rights and the death of innocent people since…

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What’s in a name? By Sadie

Name me a Prime Minister; name me two more. Maybe you said, Churchill, Atlee, Blair, or perhaps you said … Boris. Good old Boris! Am…

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Safe Haven By Sean

Bullying rates are astronomical in the UK alone never mind around the globe. However with the ever-growing universe that is social media comes a greater…

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Wine and cheese over GCSEs! By Monique

As everyone will be aware the past two years have been filled with unease and a lack of educational stability; from entire year groups ending…

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