Congratulations Year 13 – A Message from the Head

To our Year 13,

I just wanted to let you know how proud we all are of you at The Catholic High School. When words such as resilience, determination and courage are used, they are not empty comments. You have earned those accolades for the way you have handled the last three years. Many people may forget but you were the Year 10 the government invited back in school for those few experimental weeks back in June 2020. You were the Year 11 who started your most important year in the bubble world of schools: completing Sciences lessons in Art rooms, collecting your lunches from offices and facing another lockdown in January 2021, the busiest time during GCSEs. Did you adapt? You certainly did. Nobody can take those experiences away from you which have made you the characters you are. Yesterday, you received your passport to your next chapter and we know whatever you face, you will be able to tackle anything which comes your way. Stay strong, thrive and strive and remember you have made our school very proud.

God Bless class of 23,

Mrs McKeagney

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