The Catholic High School


Sixth Form 

Free Transport for Wrexham Residents

For Wrexham residents, we will be providing FREE transport for students enrolling for September 2019.

The Sixth Form provides a welcoming and supportive environment in which students can expand their horizons, specifically within their studies, but also generally in terms of personal development and awareness of the world. Each student has close, daily contact with a form tutor who is available for advice about academic work and application for Higher Education, Training or Employment. We provide an on-going and structured programme of preparation for the next stage and our students are well-informed and confident when it comes to choosing and applying to University, Apprenticeships or employment opportunities. The tutor is always willing to listen to and support any member of their tutor group who wishes to talk, in confidence, to a sympathetic adult.

Responsibility and Freedom

The Sixth Form years serve as a bridge between school and adult life. Although we offer personal freedom in a more adult environment, we do this within a supportive framework to our students. Sixth Form life at The Catholic High School will be demanding and rewarding, offering privileges and opportunities but also the responsibilities of leadership and active involvement

Sixth Form Dress Code

At the Catholic High School we are very proud of our older students and we believe they can be important role models for our younger students in behaviour, dress and academic achievement. Sixth form students should be dressed smartly setting the right standards for the rest of the school.  Please click here for the Sixth Form Dress Code. These are just some well known suppliers of appropriate sixth form wear: Asda, TU Clothing and Tesco

Click here for our 2019 prospectus. For any further information please email Mrs Redwood or call 01244 981600