Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Report

The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium gives state-funded schools, including special schools and alternative provision settings, additional funding to support year 7 pupils who did not achieve the expected standard in reading or maths at the end of key stage 2 (KS2)

In 2019 to 2020, the allocation of funding to schools was on the same basis as in 2018 to 2019. It was adjusted to reflect the percentage change in the size of their year 7 cohort, based on the October 2019 census.

We must publish information covering:

  • our funding allocation for the current academic year 2019/20
  • details of how we intend to spend our allocation
  • details of how we spent our previous year’s allocation
  • how last year’s allocation made a difference to the attainment of the pupils who benefit from the funding

Our latest report can be accessed here