We expect students to wear our uniform with pride and to be in uniform during the school day and while representing the school at external events. Please click here for Sixth form Dress code.

The uniform details below were introduced in September 2014 and are mandatory for all main school students from September 2016. 

The school uniform and PE kit is available from Uniformity, 22 - 26 Handbridge, Chester CH4 7JE. Opening times: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (4.45pm Fridays). 

email sales@uniformityclothing.co.uk.

Uniformity also has a new on line shop www.uniformityschools.com where you can access the current price list. Parents can order and pay on line and have their order delivered to school FOC or for a small charge delivered to their home.  

For those families with more than one student a discount has been secured: 2 Children 5%, 3 Children 7.5% and 4 Children 10%

General rules

  • A sensible coat – not studded, leather or valuable (school does not carry any insurance for such items).
  • Coats must not be worn while moving about the building unless pupils have just arrived at school or preparing to leave.
  • Boots or trainers are NOT part of our school uniform.
  • All clothing is to be clearly marked with the owner’s name.
  • Equipment and books are to be carried in a reasonably sized bag.
  • Extremes of hair styles or colour are not allowed. A no.2 cut is the shortest acceptable.
  • When hair is tied up plain bands/ ribbons should be used. Hair no shorter than a number 2 and no lines.
  • The only items of jewellery permitted are one small ring. (not Sovereign)
  • Plain studs ‐ Girls may, if they wish, wear one metal stud earring per ear in the lower lobe only (for safety reasons, sleepers or other types of earrings are strictly forbidden).
  • No tongue or facial rings / studs are allowed.
  • No ‘pearl’ or ‘diamond’ effect earrings, just plain metal studs.
  • Boys are not permitted to wear earrings.
  • A wristwatch may be worn.
  • A cross on a chain if worn inside of clothing.
  • Subtle make-up only is permitted but no false eyelashes, no coloured eye make-up or lipstick.
  • Coats should not be worn between lessons.

Your co‐operation is earnestly requested in seeing that uniform is worn and that the following is adhered to.

Parents are asked for their support in maintaining the school rules which state that jewellery, make‐up, fake tan, trainers, bleached or streaked hair, facial hair or extreme hairstyles (including gelled hair and shaved heads) are not allowed.

Girls School Uniform

  • Black Blazer embroidered with school badge.  
  • CHS cardigan or V-neck jersey
  • School tie
  • White shirt (with NO motifs)
  • Black school skirt (worn to the knee) or black school trousers – no fashion trousers, jeans, corduroys or leggings.
  • Black or white or black tights
  • Shoes plain black and polishable. Sports brands are allowed

Boys School Uniform

  • Black Blazer embroidered with school badge.
  • CHS green V-neck jersey
  • School tie
  • White shirt (with NO motifs)
  • Black school trousers – no fashion trousers, jeans or corduroys
  • Black socks
  • Shoes plain black and polishable. Sports brands are allowed.

Girls P.E Uniform

  • Black shorts (CHS logo) or alternatively Black (CHS Logo) leggings
  • Black CHS Fleece (CHS logo)
  • Black/Green polo shirt (CHS logo)
  • Training Shoes and football boots
  • Black Socks
  • Towel

Boys P.E Uniform

  • Black sports shorts (CHS logo)
  • Black/Green Polo Shirt (CHS logo)
  • Black/Green Rugby Shirt
  • Black socks
  • Training shoes
  • Football boots
  • Towel