Year 11 GCSE Study Support Sessions

Year 11 GCSE Study Support Sessions

Throughout Year 11 students are supported through a variety of strategies in response to their tracking and mock exam results. These interventions are: 6th Form Mentoring, English Learn Plus tutoring +, Chester University revision skills session, ‘Believe & Achieve’ group, ‘Take 3’, Exams Made Easy Parents Session & Day, PSHCE programme and Vocations Day interviews & Careers Fair.

If you have any specific questions about Year 11 then please contact your child’s Form Tutor or their Year 11 Leader of Learning – Mr Dylan Green.

Below you will find all the details of subject revision sessions throughout the academic year and Easter holiday.

Finally, we have been recommending to Year 11 the website 

Students can create a personalised revision timetable once registered (no cost) on their website and access targeted resources for all GCSE subjects.

Mr Dylan Green

Year 11 Leader of Learning


Monday after school as part of whole school programme 2-3pm in English sets on alternate weeks.

Thursday lunchtime with Mrs Ireland.

Thursday after school – drop in sessions 3-4pm.


Monday after school as part of whole school programme 2-3pm in Maths sets on alternate weeks.

Maths 1-2-1 tutoring can be booked before & after-school with Mrs Kerr.


Tuesday – 3-4pm - Physics with Mr Sawle.

Wednesday – 3-4pm - Chemistry with Mrs Woods & Biology with Mrs Renowden.

Thursday – 3-4pm - Physics with Mrs Hodgeman, Chemistry with Mr Willis & Biology with Mrs White.

Friday lunchtimes 1.10-1.40pm Biology with Mrs Richards.

Religious Education

Tuesday lunchtimes (half hour) and Wednesday after school  3-4pm.


Tuesday 3 – 4pm GG2.


Tuesday lunchtimes 1.30-2pm with Mrs Ellis in Hi1.

Wednesdays in EM4/5 WITH Ms Mort 3.00-3.30pm.

Computer Science & Business Studies

Every Tuesday & Wednesday lunchtime in Emmaus 7 (Computer Science) and Emmaus 8 (Business Studies and Creative i-media).

Design Technology

DT – Ms Ellet - Workshops Wednesday &Thursday 3-4pm.

Food Technology – Thursday after-school  drop in sessions where required.


Wednesday between 3-4pm – drop in sessions / workshops.

Modern Foreign Languages

French conversation clinics Tuesday & Wednesday after school.

Spanish conversation clinics Tuesday & Friday after school.

Additional drop in sessions are available most lunchtimes/after-school if arranged with teachers.

Physical Education

GCSE practical club runs every Tuesday 3-4pm.

Every Friday after school 3-4pm when we come back after Easter in EM3 GCSE theory Revision.


Monday  lunchtime every  week in Art2.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday  3-4pm.

Easter 2019 Year 11 Revision Sessions

Spanish – 10am -3pm on Wednesday 3rd April.

English – 9.30am-3pm on Tuesday 2nd April

Art – Monday 1st April – 10am-3pm – Mrs Kershaw

RE – Thursday 4th April 11.30-2.30pm

Drama - Thursday 11th April - 10am-12pm.