Firefly, WiFi and ICT

Firefly Student Planner App Now Available 

The Firefly Student Planner app is now available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and for Android. It allows students to access their school timetable and homework from their tablet or smart phone.

As soon as a teacher sets a homework, sends a message or recommends a bookmark it is pushed to the device keeping all students up to date. Imagine a homework diary that teachers can write into, remotely! Students can also add their own manual tasks and optionally associate them with particular lessons and teachers.

Students log in using their network username and password and this then also provides them access to their Firefly dashboard and bookmarks without having to log in again.

Log onto

Download the Firefly Student Planner from the App Store or Download the app for Android from Google Play

Getting started

To start using the app you will need to know your school's code.; CHRISTOFIDELIS 

Firefly For Parents

Firefly is also a must for parents as you can set up your own log in. This allows you to access all the information that you need to know including progress, homework, achievement, behaviour and attendance.

To set up your account go to and click on the Firefly link at the top of the home page. Activate your account by clicking on the green bar at the bottom of the Firefly log in page.

Enter the email address the school already holds on record for you, then select Activate account. An email is sent to you.

Further information can be found at; 

Students - ICT Remote Access

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible resources for students and staff. Our ICT system allows access to our resources from anywhere on the planet via our remote access system. Students can access the same desk-top at home as they do in school with access to all their resources. This eliminates the need for external data or memory drives and the risk of losing valuable work. Furthermore, if the software packages travel across the internet you can use our specialist packages from home – or anywhere! Software licences and the type of kit students have at home is no longer a barrier.

School WI-FI

Our new school wi-fi provides wholes school coverage. Students are permitted to use the system using their normal login and password