Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resources Centre is an open access, multimedia centre that exists to enhance learning and teaching within the school in order to help ensure progress and raise attainment.

The LRC contains a wide variety of resources that aim to make learning an enjoyable experience, as well as encouraging reading for pleasure.


The LRC aims to:

Encourage the development of independent learning and the acquisition of information retrieval skills among students.
Encourage students to have a positive attitude towards independent learning.
Respond to the needs of the curriculum so that adequate resources are made available and to ensure that those resources are of the highest quality
Make the widest possibility variety of learning resources available for use by students, e.g. books, magazines, newspapers, topic collections, Internet access.
Provide resources and facilities that encourage reading for pleasure.
Create an attractive and stimulating environment within the LRC. The LRC is managed by the Librarian, Mrs G Armitage.


The LRC is accessible throughout the school day and after school. The current opening hours are:

Monday – Thursday 0800 – 1600
Friday 0800 - 1630


There is restricted access at break times due to pressure on space and a year group rota is in operation, exceptions to the rota may be made at the discretion of the LRC manager.
The LRC aims to provide and maintain an appropriate range of resources to support learning and teaching within the school.
All students are issued with a membership card when they join the school and this allows them to borrow books. Students may have up to three items on loan to them at any one time and loans are for a period of three weeks.