School Transport

We have a number of public scheduled services running in to school via the new bus terminus from Blacon, Saughall, Neston, Frodsham and Wrexham.

For services from the new terminus please click here.  The number 16 is the main regular service that will bring students in to Handbridge which is just a short walk from school.

STAGECOACH services - Students can buy a 7 day mega rider pass for £6.  This covers stagecoach services covering the City of Chester, as far out as Saltney, Saughall, Moston Garage, Upton Wheatsheaf and Hoole Rd/M53 - and the onward 16 from the new terminus. Excludes Chester park and ride, sight seeing buses and school bus s1.

Neston to CHSC - provided by Stagecoach - click here to time table

Frodsham/Elton to CHHS Service X2, Stagecoach Departs Frodsham Lloyds TSB Bank at 0715, arrives into Chester for 0814 Departs Elton, Shops at 0731, arrives into Chester for 0814. Departs Chester at 1545, arrives into Elton, Shops at 1634, Departs Chester at 1545, arrives into Frodsham Lloyds TSB Bank for 1647 Daily Cost = £2 day ticket or £7 weekly ticket 

Service X30, Arriva North West Departs Frodsham Lloyds TSB Bank at 0759, arrives into Chester for 0825, Departs Chester at 1533, arrives into Frodsham Lloyds TSB Bank for 1603 Daily Cost = £3.50 day ticket or £11.50 weekly ticket 

Mickle Trafford/Guilden Sutton/Vicars Cross to CHHS Service 28, Aintree Coachline/Arrowebrook Coaches Departs Mickle Trafford at 0743, arrives into Chester for 0800, Departs Guilden Sutton at 0746, arrives into Chester for 0800, Departs Vicars Cross at 0750, arrives into Chester for 0800. Return board above service X30 for Mickle Trafford, alighting at 1645 For Guilden Sutton board service 28 at 1720 from Chester, alighting at 1740 For Vicars Cross, board service 7 from Chester, operates every 20 mins from Chester. Costs differ depending on operator, although daily cost will not exceed £4 

Hoole/Boughton/Upton/Blacon/Saughall to CHHS Various Commercial Services, operated by Stagecoach All services run at 15 min frequencies, daily fare £2 day ticket, £7 weekly. Hoole – Chester (Service 9), Boughton/Huntington – Chester (Service 5), Upton – Chester (Service 51/53), Blacon – Chester (Service 1/1A/15/15A), Saughall – Chester (15, 15A) 

Blacon and Saughall. 605 bus operates from Saughall to Chester Bus Interchange via Blacon. Daily Fare is £3, which includes travel on connecting services from the City centre to School. Due to the quality partnership in Blacon, students can use stagecoach or arriva services and each operator will accept each other’s tickets, however, if pupils are planning to use the 16 once they get to the bus exchange a ticket purchased from an Arriva bus will not be accepted on this service so a further fare will be required.  However if a Stagecoach bus is used the ticket will be valid for use on the 16 at no further cost.

Any further new routes and services will be published on the Cheshire West and Chester transport website

It includes links to the Traveline website where individual journeys can be mapped and also the Traveline phone number: 0871 200 22 33 There is also a link to download the itravel smart phone app – which is the free journey planning app for CWAC, which has up to date travel information, interactive maps and public transport timetables. There is also a public transport timetable order form – where individuals can order any local bus service timetable to be posted to them.   As new services come on line with the new bus terminus this will be the most up to date source for services/timetables change between now and September. 

Broughton Bus and Wrexham Services

For eligible baptised Catholic children joining our school from Flintshire they would received a free bus pass if our school is their nearest Catholic School.  Post 16 pupils could also receive free transport to our school if it is the closest school that provides the course they wish to study. Eligible students apply using the application form on the Flintshire County Council website.

Please be aware the service has changed slightly collecting students at 8AM from the Broughton Shops.  This is a dedicated school bus service provided by Flintshire County Council. Please see the full timetable here.

For non-eligible students the current registered provision will not be running in September however Arriva will be providing registered services.  The cheapest way to use this service is to buy a Scholar Pass from the Arriva website.  Further details of the changes can be found on the letter from Flintshire Council here

Flintshire Timetable

Protocol for transport use

Free Transport Applications and further information

For further information, free bus tickets and route planning this link will take you through to the Cheshire West and Chester Schools Transport Page. Since September 2015 travel assistance has  only been offered to pupils attending their nearest school subject to the distance criteria. For further information call 0300 123 7039 and ask to speak to a member of CWAC the transport team.

Also click here for the CWAC Home to School transport Policy

If you have any concerns or questions regarding school transport please e-mail Mr Gauller, Assistant Headteacher - Resources or call 01244 981611