This section provides an overview of benefits of homework, the expected volume and the homework schedules for each subject for the academic year ahead.

At The Catholic High School we set homework to:

  • Develop the lifelong learning skills needed in the modern world.
  • Give students the opportunity to learn through a greater variety of media.
  • Develop the independent learning skills required for GCSE, post-16 and higher education.
  • Improve the performance of our students in examinations and, therefore enhance their life chances.

Students are set home study tasks each day according to the home study timetable available below. The additional study that the school expects each student to do will help our students consolidate their learning and improve their academic performance. It is hoped that the students find their home study challenging and interesting so that it will help to motivate them in their work. Home study helps our students to develop good study and research habits essential for success. It will also help them to develop an independent approach to study which is very important as they progress through the school. Students in Years 10 and 11 particularly should be engaged in independent study and revision In addition to the work set by their teachers according to the home study timetable, which will be published here soon for the start of the new academic year September 2016.

 The school is very grateful for the support that parents and carers give to helping ensure that home study is completed on time and to the highest standard.

The volume of homework expected per evening is

Years 7 & 8: 45 minutes
Year 9: 60 minutes
Years 10 and 11: 90 minute