World Theatre Day 26th March

 Happy World Theatre Day!

We hope you enjoy these quotes from our A-Level Drama students: 

"Theatre can really help you mentally as it can be an escape from any stress and worries in your life"

Robin – A-Level Drama Student

 "Performing arts has opened up a range of physiological and psychological aspects of my performance as well as having the confidence to achieve the necessary elements to my performances."

Rocco – A-Level Drama Student

 “Drama, I call it life” 

 “There’s never a greater day than a trip to the theatre” 

“Do what makes you happy, or just watch a musical. Same thing”

Floss – A-Level Drama Student

 "Drama as a subject has really improved my confidence helping me achieve what I am capable of in all aspects of my school life. It has given me transferable skills to use in my other A-Level subject"

Anna – A-Level Drama Student

"Drama opens many doors, allowing me to grow as a person and develop valuable skills. I have become more confident and enjoy the subject as it is different to my others!"

Izzy – A-Level Drama Student

"Can’t spell “theatre” without “earth”, so that might mean something?"

Tom – A-Level Drama Student

 World Theatre Day Presentation from Miss Bradley