The Catholic High School


Teachers and students thrilled with A level results at The Catholic High School, Chester

A level results day at The Catholic High School, Chester has brought the usual mix of joy and relief for students who have worked so hard to secure their places at university.  Teachers have been congratulating their students on some stunning results, and are pleased to see that grades have improved across the board.

Each year the school sets out ambitious targets for A levels, and this year has hit them all, with a quarter of results in at A*-A, half scoring A*-B and a full three quarters of all grades at A*-C.  The overall pass rate was 98%.

Individual students are now setting their sights on the next stage, and while many are following their dreams as they pack their bags for university, others are weighing up their options as they look to the future.  More students than ever are using the opportunity to adjust their sights upwards.

One student, Meesha Dudley Jones received her A level results B grades in Media and Psychology) today had her sights on goal as she scored on her debut for Yeovil Town Women in a pre-season game.  She is featured on the club website here.

Highlights amongst the students this year include:

Ruben Bos; A*, A*, A, B; gap year followed by Computer Science; University of Manchester
Isabelle Campbell; A, A, B; Pharmacy; University of Birmingham
Hannah Casling; A*, A, A; History/Law; applying to University of Durham
Eve Chaddock; A*, A, B; History; University of Nottingham
Elliot Charlton; A*, A*, A; Computer Science; University of Manchester
Carolina Costa Ramos; A, B, B; History/Politics; Manchester Metropolitan University
Megan Floyd; A*, A*, B; Physiotherapy; Sheffield Hallam University
Emma Gribbin; A*, A, B; Law; University of Warwick
Charlotte Griffiths; A, B, B; Psychology; University of Nottingham
Elizabeth Guinan; A*, A, B; Psychology; University of Newcastle
Guilio Noro; A*, A, A; Pharmacy; University of Manchester
Rebecca Russell; A, B, B; Psychology; University of Newcastle
Fernando Rutter; A, B, B; apprenticeship
Anita Safina; A, B, B; Biochemistry; University of Lancaster
Madeleine Tierney; A, A, C; Spanish and Philosophy; University of Edinburgh
Enya Whale; A, A, A; applying for Medicine
Amber White; A, A, A; Chemical Engineering; University of Sheffield

‘This has been a very special year group throughout their time here at The Catholic High School’ said retiring Headteacher John Murray. ‘As well as being a very able group of young people, the trademark has been the way they have supported each other through thick and thin.  I am very proud to be signing off with a fantastic set of A level results for a fantastic set of students.’

Louise Orain, Head of Year, added ‘I’m delighted for the top achievers, but just as pleased for all the students who have secured their A levels and are now moving on to the next stages in their lives.  Well done to all of them.’