The Catholic High School


Parent and Student Firefly App

FireFly is our online tool that brings together teachers, students and parents. Set homework, track progress, share resources and engage parents

The Firefly Student Planner app is now available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and for Android. It allows students to access their school timetable and homework from their tablet or smart phone.

As soon as a teacher sets ‘homework’, sends a message or recommends a bookmark, it is pushed to the students device keeping them up to date. Imagine a homework diary that teachers can write into, remotely! Students can also add their own manual tasks and optionally associate them with particular lessons and teachers.

If you are one of our parents Firefly is a must.  By setting up your own access you will be able to see all the information that you need to know including progress, homework, achievement, behaviour and attendance. For more information please visit the Firefly page for Parents and Students