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Lunch Time Story Club

This term we started a story club for a small focus group of Year 7’s & 8’s. Each week a different group is invited by their English teachers to attend on a Tuesday lunchtime. Our first one was a great success with Mrs Ireland reading an extract from her favourite book ‘Northern Lights’ and then talking to the students about her cat Lyra named after the main character. All the students loved it and all wanted to be invited again. After half term we had a wonderful session with Miss Kinley who read extracts from two of her favourite books and she talked beautifully about her journey of reading and really connected with the students. The next week the students were enthralled by a reading from ‘Marley & Me’ by Miss Burke who then talked about the dog she had growing up and invited the students to share their stories about their pets. We are looking forward to the next session with the very popular Mr Potts.