The Catholic High School


GCSE News 2019

Students collected GCSE results from school this morning and the anxious glances were quickly replaced by smiles as they opened their envelopes.  Head of Year Dylan Green had predicted a ‘vintage year’ and was delighted to see the students he had worked with succeed.  ‘This year group have felt the full force of the new GCSEs’ he said, ‘and they have come through so well.  I am very proud of them’.
Top of the class was Grace Garvey who secured nine straight ‘9’ grades and an A*, closely followed by Elsa Vickery with seven ‘9’s, two ‘8’s and an A*.  Along with their friends they have been signing up for Sixth Form courses and for college places.
‘This is a tremendous achievement for our students’ said retiring Headteacher John Murray, ‘but it is also just one step along the way.  Whether they stay for Sixth Form or go on to apprenticeships or college, we wish them all the very best for the future.’
Incoming Headteacher Cathy McKeagney added ‘Congratulations to all the young people for what they have achieved.  I’m really looking forward to working with those who are staying on for Sixth Form, and with the teachers who have worked so hard to get them to where they are now.’

The top achievers this year are;
Grace Garvey; nine ‘9’ grades and one A*
Elsa Vickery; seven ‘9’ grades, two ‘8’s and one A*
Tara Evans; two ’9’s, two ‘8’s, four ‘7’s and one ‘6’
Isabelle Mohan; four ‘9’s, two ‘7’s and three ‘6’s
Eryk Holub; one ‘9’, one ‘8’, three ‘7’s and five ‘6’s
Isabella Di Trolio; one ‘9’, one ‘8’, six ‘7’s, one ‘6’ and a B
Mae Garvey; two ‘9’s, three ‘8’s, three ‘6’s
Erin Hoey; one ‘9’, three ‘8’s, two ‘7’s and two ‘6’s
Conor Rushton; one ‘9’, two ‘8’s, three ‘7’s and three ‘6’s
Isobel Franchetti; four ‘8’s, one ‘7’ and four ‘6’s
Ciara Nelson; one ‘9’, one ‘8’, four ‘7’s and two ‘6’s
Betty Martin; one ‘9’, four ‘7’s and four’6’s

‘These GCSEs are significantly harder than in previous years’ said Assistant Head Ursula Mort, who has the key responsibility for achievement in the school, ‘but these students have really risen to the challenge.  It is great to see subjects like Art, PE, languages and the sciences doing so well, and we are really pleased to see the proportion of students gaining strong passes in RE going up significantly.  Results in History and English Literature are really good and show our students making good progress in these key subjects.’