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Children should be able to experience a wide range of activities. Health and safety measures should help them to do this safely, not stop them. It is important that children learn to understand and manage the risks that are a normal part of life. Common sense with experience and knowledge is used in assessing and managing the risks of any activity here at our school.

Health and safety procedures are always be proportionate to the risks of an activity. Staff are given the training they need so they can keep themselves and children safe and manage risks effectively.

The Law

The main legislation covering this area is the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and regulations made under that Act.1 The employer (The Catholic Academies Partnership) is responsible for health and safety, tasks are be delegated to the Principle and to The Assistant Head – Resources as competent person.

Employees also have a duty to look after their own and others’ health and safety.  Here at school we all have a duty under the common law to take care of pupils in the same way that a prudent parent would do so.

What does assessing and managing risks mean?

Health and safety law requires the employer to assess the risks to the health and safety of staff and others affected by their activities. The terms risk assessment and risk management are used to describe the process of thinking about the risks of any activity and the steps taken to counter them. Sensible management of risk does not mean that a separate written risk assessment is required for every activity. However we always take a common sense and proportionate approach, remembering that in schools risk assessment and risk management are tools to enable

We have recently reviewed our H&S Policy ensuring its compliance with the latest DFE expectations.  If you have any questions regarding health and safety here at school please contact Mr Gauller, Assistant Head on 01244 981611 or by email

Health and Safety Policy June 2018