Headteacher's Welcome

To say that I am proud of becoming Headteacher at The Catholic High School, Chester would be an understatement. I have known this school for many years and have witnessed for myself that staff and governors place the child at the centre of everything which is done at this school.

The staff look to find the talents within themselves and your children in order to secure their life dreams and hopes. This is a school built upon a foundation of compassion, energy and determination.  It is apparent as you walk around the school that we want the best and our students want to be the best that they can be.

I became a teacher because I believe that education has the power to transform lives; it did mine, and I intend to lead a school where we have that belief at the forefront of everything we do. Teaching is a privileged profession, indeed we follow in the footsteps of Christ, the original teacher and we will strive to inspire in the same way that he did.

“We are not guardians of the ashes but keepers of the flames”

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Our curriculum has a breadth that ensures every student has an opportunity to excel which when combined with wonderful facilities, exciting plans for the future and dedicated staff will ensure your child has the very best support throughout their secondary school experience. 

Mrs C McKeagney