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Exam results 2018

GCSE results at The Catholic High School

Despite the most gruelling GCSE examination season ever, students at The Catholic High School have come out on top and are proudly taking their results home. Standards in English and Maths are even higher than last year, when these two subjects were the first to adopt the new ‘9-1’ grades.
Head of Year Dylan Green was the first to congratulate the students on their achievements. ‘We are really proud of this year group. Despite the changes, the new specifications, the lack of past papers, and a relentless exam season, they have come through it all with credit. Whether they are heading for Sixth Form, apprenticeships or college courses I wish them all the best for the future.’
The top achievers this year are Mac Alexander, with eight ‘7-9’ grades (the equivalent of eight A or A* grades under the old system), including a ‘9’ in his Physics GCSE; Emma Bissell who has six ‘9’ grades along with two 8s and a 7; Matthew Brayne (eight ‘7-9’ grades); Sarah Dodd (four 9s and four 8s); Anastasia Doran (four 9s and five 8s); Nadim Haque (four 8s and four 7s); Elie Jones (five 8s and two 7s); Alice Nixon (four 9s, three 8s and two 7s); Thomas Preece (one 9, two 8s and three 7s); Sophie Tobin (one 9, one 8 and four 7s). Talented linguist Jenni Allman was rewarded with a 9 grade in Spanish and an 8 in French.
‘The new grading system will take everyone time to get used to’ said Headteacher John Murray. ‘The old A and A* grades have been divided into 7, 8 and 9 now. It means that the ‘9’ is effectively a double starred A. I’m delighted to see so many students achieved this. Across the whole year group we have seen what can be achieved through hard work and support from great teachers.’
Jane Johnson, Chair of Governors, added ‘I am proud of these young people and the staff who have worked so hard with them. I am sure they will go on to great things in life, founded on the support of their families and what they have learnt here. Well done.’

A Level Results: The Stars shine bright at The Catholic High School, Chester

New school records have been set at The Catholic High School, Chester by this year’s A level students. The proportion of top grades is higher than ever, with 10% of entries gaining the coveted A* grade, and the combined A* and A grade score breaking through the 25% mark for the first time.
With an overall pass rate of 97% the school continues to set a tremendous record both with the grades achieved and in terms of value added to students’ experience.
The highlights among a very special year group include Joshua Jones who heads to Medical School at the University of Cambridge with his three A* grades, Head Girl, Ciara Sinclair who takes two A* grades and one A to Glasgow University to study Veterinary Science, and Head Boy, David Chesters who has A*, A and B and will read Ancient History and History at the University of Leeds. Special mention has to be made of Guy Whale and Charlotte Charlton who both secured two A* grades and two A grades.
The top performers this year were;

Hannah Bissell A*/ A*/ A (University of Leeds, Geography)
Ben Chaddock A* / A / A (University of Glasgow, Product Design Engineering)
Charlotte Charlton A* / A* / A / A (University of Oxford, Engineering)
David Chesters (Head Boy) A* / A / B (University of Leeds, Ancient History and History)
Lucy Davies A / A / B (University of Nottingham, Philosophy and Theology)
Polly Donnelly A* / A* / A (University of Bath, Biology)
Lydia Hudson A / A / A / A (University of Bath, Biochemistry)
Megan Jenkins A* / A* / A (Cardiff Metropolitan University, Sport Conditioning)
Molly Johnson Dist * / A* / C (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts)
Joshua Jones A* / A* / A* (University of Cambridge, Medicine)
Yicai Martinez-Pina A* / A / A / A (University College London, Natural Sciences)
Ciara Sinclair (Head Girl) A* / A* / A (University of Glasgow, Veterinary Science)
Guy Whale A* / A* / A / A (University of Bristol, Mechanical Engineering)

Jane Johnson, Chair of Governors and proud parent of Molly, who has secured a place at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, said ‘This has always been a very special year group. These young adults have a real desire to make the world a better place. I wish them every success for the future.’

The hard work of the students is matched only by the effort their teachers put in, added John Murray, Principal. ‘Every year we have parents and students telling us just how grateful they are for the extra effort teachers and staff here at the school put in. It is the quality of the relationships between staff and students that make this school what it is.’

In between offering advice to students about their plans for the future Head of Year Mark Robinson commented ‘It really is a team effort. The support we get from parents and governors is fantastic, we have great teachers, but in the end it is the students themselves who have to take the exams. I want to congratulate every one of them.’



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22% 25%






42% 45%






68% 67%






96% 97%

2018 GCSE news to follow


  2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016  2017
5+ standard passes (4 or above in English and Maths) 67%
5 A* - C 62% 65% 77% 68% 71% 75 75% 74%
5 A* - C inc Eng & Mat 42% 52% 61% 54% 62% 60 68% 63% 53%
5 A* - G 97% 98% 96% 99% 99% 99 98%  98%
EBacc       25% 17% 26 33%  21% 15%
Avg. Points 391 405 405 388 430 436 405*  394

 English A* - C

       76% 67% 


(Best 85%) 

 91% 85.4% 53%

 Maths A* - C

       61% 65%  66% (Best 72%)  71%   62% 72%

Maths 9-5


Maths 9-4

Average Attainment 8 Score per pupil 44.22
Progress 8 0.23 -0.19

Examination Certificates for Summer 2017 

GCSE & A Level Examination Certificates are now available for collection from the school office between the hours of 8.30am – 4pm (except Friday 8.30am – 3.30pm). 

Certificates can no longer be posted to you; they must be collected in person from the school and signed for. 

Upon receipt, all certificates must be checked for errors or grade changes; any errors must be reported to the Exams Officer immediately so a replacement certificate can be requested (this may incur an extra cost). 

Please treat all exam certificates as valuable items; they will be needed for future College or University applications, as well as for your future employment. Schools are only required to keep uncollected certificates for 12 months, after which they will be destroyed.  Lost or uncollected certificates will cost in excess of £40 to gain a replacement from each awarding body. 

Should you wish to authorise another person to collect your certificates, please contact Mrs Shaw by email ( and advise her of the name of the person that you have given your authority to collect your certificates, they will need to bring photo ID.