Vision, Ethos and Values

Vision - “Together we will all achieve success by developing our strengths, exploring our talents and recognising that Christ, our original teacher, will support us.”

Our gospel values can be shown by the way we:

    • Treat each other with respect
    • Develop the whole child
    • Care for the individual
    • Pursue excellence
    • Raise attainment
    • Model hard work
    • Show equality
    • Support the vulnerable
    • Provide a supportive and caring environment  

To show we are 'Being faithful to Christ' we will:

    • Keep your child safe
    • Develop the catholic life of the school
    • Offer high quality teaching and learning
    • Monitor the progress of all pupils
    • Offer interventions where it’s needed
    • Ensure all pupils make good progress from their starting points
    • Promote a ’Restorative justice’ system to encourage positive behaviours
    • Encourage high attendance across the school
    • Treat others how we would like to be treated

We are proud of our school values and are committed to delivering them consistently. The ethos of our school derives from the joint commitment of the governors, school staff, our students and their parents.

Our positive overall ethos provides all members of the school community with a safe and respected school, and is paramount in obtaining a successful learning environment. We aim to inspire improvement and achievement within others whilst setting very high standards - for our students and ourselves.

All students need to understand that people with whom they come into contact wish to be treated fairly, kindly and politely. Pupils need to respect their own abilities and raise their own self-esteem, to enable them to achieve their potential. We are encouraged to treat ourselves and each other with respect, and remind ourselves often of what our common purpose is.  When frustration and difficulties assail our relationships, as they threaten all relationships at one time or another, remember to focus on what is right between you, not only the part which seems wrong. Matthew 18:20 – where two or three are gathered in my name there I am with them.

All students are expected to work hard within a supportive environment where everyone strives to achieve their maximum potential.  We expect pupils to work hard and to aim high.We value knowledge, learning, intellectual curiosity and independence of mind. We celebrate academic achievement and recognise extra-curricular life equally, too.

The Catholic High School takes pride in our students’ achievements and is a friendly, welcoming school with committed and caring staff. We recognise that education is in a period of change, and we are determined to face this challenge with enthusiasm and care for the individual student.We take pride in our own appearance and the school environment and students must be encouraged to do the same through their behaviour and appropriate use of our uniform, both in school and when representing the school in any capacity at external events

To summarise: we are a community which nurtures confidence, empathy, spiritual awareness and integrity in every individual. Students are encouraged to explore the whole range of their talents and to aspire to and achieve success intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. Everything we do, both inside the classroom and out, will uphold our commitment to ensuring that our students leave us equipped with knowledge of themselves, of their abilities, and of the world they inherit with all its history, diversity and fragility.