The Catholic High School


Encounters with further and higher education

Enterprise Advisers and Enterprise Coordinators work closely with local institutions and agencies on a collaborative and strategic approach. All partners – schools, colleges, universities, local authorities, careers guidance providers, parents/carers, employers and the wider community – have a common understanding of local needs and solutions. Co-operative working makes it easier to organise big events, such as careers, skills and higher education fairs. • Schools have a multi-pronged approach to ensure students are well-supported to choose pathways they value post-18. They start this work long before students reach the point of decision as evidence shows that raising aspirations and building resilience is effective from year 7 or earlier. • The school acts in the best interests of students. It recognises and accepts that students post-14 have the possibility of going to a university technical college or a studio school, rather than simply choosing what subjects to take at GCSE and equivalent. • The school makes maximum use of its flexibility to organise suspended timetable days for different year groups, such as careers and higher education preparation days for year 12s in the summer term. • The school ensures encounters with further and higher education are part of an overall approach that encompasses: • personalised and small-group information, advice and guidance • carefully selected sources of information, including digital and print-based, which are promoted through the school’s website, newsletter and social media • a planned programme of on-site and off-site encounters with further and higher education to strengthen accessibility, outreach and transitionpreparedness for targeted groups, such as Pupil Premium, gifted and talented students and students with special educational needs and disabilities • close co-operation with parents, families and carers in recognition of their key influence on children’s thinking and decision-making, specifically to develop their capacity to talk about careers with their children and encourage family learning.