Employee Information

As an employer you may be interested in the information, advice and guidance we provide to our students within your field of work.  We have a Vocations Day every year in which we invite employers to come in, host a stall and chat to our students and their parents/carers in Years 8, 9,10, 11 and 12. There are also multiple opportunities throughout the school year to deliver talks and sessions by arrangement with the Careers Lead. We are also actively engaged with Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership http://www.871candwep.co.uk/ and the recently established Pledge.

Our curriculum leaders are also very familiar with the importance of CEIAG and ensuring it is embedded within their subject area, therefore if you wish to work with any particular subject area, they would most certainly welcome employer involvement to enhance the provision from an expert in that field. Our curriculum leaders may also be able to inform you of students who express an interest in going down your career path. Further details on our curriculum links to employment and careers can be found here.

The website should provide you with an insight into the events and opportunities planned throughout the year for various year groups, however, if you wish to find out anything more or you would like to work in an identified subject area, please contact the designated CEIAG lead the details of which can be found here.