Eco-Schools Project

This year we have started the journey to become an international Green Flag Award Eco-School. The programme is designed to raise environmental awareness among young people and is run by the environmental charity keep Britain Tidy. Internationally, the programme is the largest educational programme in the world present in 67 countries and 52,000 schools. Our school is now part of this global community working to create environmental change for the benefit of future generations. Over half-term, we received our Bronze award.

The Eco-Schools programme empowers students, raises environmental awareness, improves the school environment and can also lead to financial savings for schools. Being an active member of the programme will be something our students will remember for the rest of their lives. 

The programme focuses on ten important global issues: 

  1. Biodiversity 
  2. Energy 
  3. Global Citizenship 
  4. Healthy Living 
  5. Litter 
  6. Marine 
  7. School Grounds 
  8. Transport 
  9. Waste 
  10. Water 

Every school taking part in the Eco-Schools programme follows the same simple Seven Step framework. After achieving our Green Flag, our school can continue in the programme to gain multiple Green Flags. One of the most exciting things about the programme is that the process is designed to engage a whole school and its wider community.

As part of our engagement, we will be sharing updates throughout the year on our projects through our newsletters which will be available from this page.  This web page will contain updates on our projects: Biodiversity, Marine and Transport, in addition to links to environmental interest stories. We have a very enthusiastic KS3 team who are delighted to have the opportunity to make a difference to their local and the global environment and look forward to sharing their news with you.

Eco-Committee Members

Environmental Action Plan

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