Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages  


The study of Modern Foreign Languages promotes pupil competence and confidence by allowing the student to practise and apply a variety of skills, independently, in pairs, in groups and in whole class situations. Language teaching and learning is concerned with the acquisition of creative and literary skills through classroom interaction, study skills through research, planning, drafting and refining, and vocational skills through the development of competence in problem solving. By developing students’ awareness of language patterns and strategies students are able to communicate effectively in the target language and will also foster a sympathetic awareness of similarities and differences between different cultures 60% of Spanish GCSE students achieved grades 9 -7

Departmental Achievements 2017/2018

A Level
100 % of Spanish A2 students achieved grades A* A

77% of French GCSE students achieved grades 9 - 5

41% of French GCSE students achieved grades 9 - 7

94% of French GCSE students achieved grades 9 - 4

100% of Spanish GCSE students achieved grades 9 - 6

Every year a significant number of our A Level students choose to continue their study of a foreign language at University.

Students currently study French throughout year 7 and 8, working on the foundations towards the GCSE AQA specification using the Allez digital textbook via and bespoke resources in the lessons. From the beginning of year 9, students begin to follow a 3 year GCSE course which is closely linked to the AQA GCSE requirements, using the 9 -1 GCSE (French or Spanish) textbook which is available online via All modern languages students have access to . There are also conversation classes after school that students attend in small groups in order to practice their role play, photo card and conversation skills for the speaking exam.

In year 9, all students who are able to secure a good grade in Modern Languages are strongly advised to take a foreign language at GCSE.  Parents and universities understand the value of this qualification and the advantage it gives students in later life, as well as its intrinsic value as a subject at GCSE. 

Students can further their foreign language studies at A level. Both A level French & Spanish students work towards the AQA A level specification with the online digital textbooks and resources at to support them. They also attend extra-curricular conversation classes in small groups or individually.

Polish GCSE is also available to native speakers.

There is a fortnightly after school film club for students who are studying French at A level. There are regular conversation classes after school for students who are studying French and/or Spanish GCSE. We subscribe to two online resources which provide support to our languages students from year 7 - year 13 in both French and Spanish.  and www.kerboodle can be accessed by students wherever they have access to the internet as independent study or homework when appropriate.       



The modern languages resources pages on firefly also have grammatical support and revision exercises.

Our sixth form students have also contributed to the Mock United Nations General Assembly (MUNGA) in Grenoble.

Student view:
“Learning Modern Languages has given me the skills that are not only applicable in a classroom situation and I use them every day. It’s more than just a lesson – it’s a way of life.”

Course and exam body:

MFL Staff
Miss C Forster - Curriculum Leader of MFL

Mrs B Letissier - Teacher of French and Director of Sixth Form

Mrs L Orain - Teacher of Spanish and French