The Catholic High School



The mission of The Catholic High School, Chester is to provide the best Catholic education for all.

In practice this means teaching the full range of academic subjects, along with a number of vocational options in the later years, in the context of the teaching and values of the Catholic Church. It also means that we provide this for all our students whatever their own faith, academic ability, gender or race.


In the first two years the school uses the framework provided by the national curriculum, adapted through the professionalism of our teaching staff and the guidance and direction of our governors, to take our students from a starting point in Year 7 through to preparation for GCSE or A level examinations.   In the course of Year 9 (the third year) the core subjects of RE, English, Mathematics and Science start teaching the GCSE programmes, and it is in Year 9 that students can also choose the subjects they will take as their GCSE options.

The subjects studied in the first three years will be familiar to parents: Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, French (with a number of students also taking Spanish in Year 9), PE, Design Technology, Art, Music and Drama.  Students now follow a course in Computing Science which incorporates coding and e-safety as well the now ‘traditional’ aspects of IT.  Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Careers education are delivered through tutor programmes and are also incorporated into subject based schemes of work.  Sex and Relationships Education is delivered through the RE department.

Further information regarding subject areas can be found in the curriculum section, as can the outline programme of study for Years 7-9.

As students move into Year 10 they have more choice in the subjects they study, although they will all continue to study the core subjects of RE, English, Mathematics and Science. They can continue to study the subjects they took in Year 9, or they can choose other examination subjects. The full range of choices includes the option to study three separate sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics). Details of all options can be found in the year 9 options booklet.

All students continue to take part in core Physical Education programmes in Years 10-11; they continue to access Careers Advice and Guidance; Year 10 students complete a week of work experience; and students continue to follow the PSHE programme.

At A level the choice expands again to include more than 20 different A levels which are detailed in the Sixth Form Prospectus pages.  Students usually follow three full A level courses, along with an enrichment programme that includes general studies, RE and PE.  Re-sit opportunities are available in English and Mathematics should these be needed.

Extended Provision

Learning is not limited to the classroom. Throughout the school students enjoy wider opportunities to extend their learning.  These include the Library (LRC), services provided by the Learning Support department and the Autism Resource Base, the range of extra-curricular activities and educational visits. There are opportunities for our gifted and talented students to shine through activities as diverse as the STEM Clubs and our internationally famous Swing Band.

Any questions about the curriculum provision can be answered by the Headteacher, Mrs McKeagney.