The aim of the department is to equip students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to make the most of new technologies across all aspects of their learning.

We have identified three key areas and have designed a curriculum which offers our students the opportunity to experience each;

  • ICT - Equipping students with skills in using software productively.
  • Digital literacy - Application of skills in a range of real-world contexts.
  • Computing - The ability to design algorithms and computing code to provide solutions.


Key Stage 3

Year 7: ComputeIT 1:
Unit 1: Under the hood of a computer
Unit 2: Think like a computer scientist
Unit 3: Drawing and manipulating shapes
Unit 4: Creating an animation
Unit 5: The foundations of computing
Unit 6: How the web works

Year 8: ComputeIT 2:
Unit 7: Web page creation from the ground up
Unit 8: Designing for HCI: a hand-held digital device
Unit 9: Designing for HCI: an operating system interface
Unit 10: Representing images
Unit 11: Programming a calculator
Unit 12: Programming a quiz

Unit 1 Operating systems
Unit 2 CMD, the command line
Unit 3 Binary
Unit 4 Instruction set design
Unit 5 Programming using selection statements and Boolean expressions
Unit 6 Connecting to the internet

Year 9: ComputeIT 2/3:
Unit 7 Sorted!
Unit 8 How to make a computer appear smart
Unit 9 Recursive pattern
A software development and business project, based on creating a web-based product.

Year 10 Option - OCR GCSE Computer Science: Computing and IT theory and a research project on a given aspect of computing e.g. High-level languages and web-based computing.

Year 11 Option - OCR GCSE Computing: Computing and IT theory and creating a solution using programming and scripting.
Year 11 specification (J276) - Summer 2021 only
GCSE Specification (J277) from September 2020

Year 12 - OCR GCE Computer Science: Computing theory and high level language programming
Year 13 - OCR GCE Computer Science: Advanced computing theory and a programming project to create a bespoke computer-based solution.

GCE Specification (H446)

Departmental Achievements

BCS Accredited Centre


Lunchtime and after school coursework and study support sessions.
Links with outside agencies and outside speakers.


Computing at School competition.


  • Mr D Baddeley BSc(LJMU) PGCE (LJMU) PGDip (Chester) (Head of Business and ICT)
  • Mr Mawhinney BSc Computer Science (Chester) PGCE (Chester)
  • Miss Rachael Sargeant