Design Technology

We study Design and Technology, as part of the compulsory curriculum, in year 7, 8 and 9. In years10 – 11 we offer; Food Technology, Textiles and Product Design at GCSE.  At AS and A level options we have offered Product Design where students are able to specialise in their chosen materials. Students enjoy the subject and over half of pupils take the Design and Technology option to GCSE. The department is based on the ground floor of the building and we are very well resourced with two multi-materials workshops, a computer room, portable set of laptops, food technology and textiles rooms. Our CAD/CAM facilities include a laser cutter, 3D printers, CNC plotters, dye sublimation printer and computer embroidery machines. The Catholic High is an exciting place to study Design and Technology. Please read on to find out more about what we do. 

YEARS 7 - 9 (KS3)

In the lower school learning experiences centre on design and make activities. Within our curriculum we strive for pupils to develop ideas by drawing inspiration from various sources of information. To clarify their ideas through discussion, drawing and modelling, we encourage them to consider aesthetic and economic dimensions. Our briefs are designed to foster an awareness of culture, society and the environment as pupils gain knowledge and understanding of materials, ingredients and techniques. Youngsters consider the designs of others as they develop their work. They experience working with a range of tools, materials, ingredients, equipment and processes with some precision. We have built in opportunities to refine interpersonal skills through constructive teamwork. Towards the end of the lower school programme pupils solve technical problems and show evidence of creativity as they modify their approach in the light of progress. During years 7-9 students complete several 7-10 week projects in all of the different areas of Design Technology through a rotation cycle. This ensures all students experience the different areas of Design Technology these include Food, Textiles and Product Design.  In all of these areas students develop designing and making skills, increase their knowledge of materials, components, systems, controls and structures and are encouraged to be creative and innovative in their use of design.

YEARS 10 - 11 (KS4)

In Years 10 - 11 pupils have the option to follow a more specialised route. Years 7-8 (KS3) is designed to give our students a broad experience of all of the 'material' areas that exist under the general heading of Design & Technology. During the end of Year 9 students choose options and have the opportunity to focus on a particular area of Design Technology at GCSE level throughout Year 10-11.  We offer Design and Technology (Food), Design and Technology (Textiles), Design and Technology (Product Design), at GCSE following the AQA exam board.  The course is split into two areas for assessment: 1. Written examination and internal Controlled assessment – a single design and make activity set by the examination board. There is one tier of assessment covering grades A* - G.  We are in an exciting new phase of offering a new technical vocational course which would be suitable for candidates interested in engineering and the apprenticeship route post 16.



Ms H Higgins BEd (Hons), Head of Design & Technology, Teacher of Food Technology
Mrs C Ellett BA (Hons) Graphic Design, PGCE, Teacher of Resistant Materials
Ms A Cox, Design Technology Technician
Mr A Woods, Design Technology Technician