Curriculum Plans

The Catholic High School Teaching and Learning Vision 

Teachers are inspiring and encourage a love of learning, creating an environment where learning always thrives. They are relentless in the pursuit of excellence. All students are challenged and take risks. Teaching builds up students’ confidence, empowering them and encouraging them to reflect on their learning so they continually strive for improvement. Teaching ensures students feel valued and gifted in the eyes of God.


Teacher expertise:  

Teachers inspire students with their deep subject expertise and motivate them with their passion. Teaching brings learning alive. Teachers share their good practice. Inset is used to sharpen pedagogy and support colleagues teaching out of subject as well as those not yet effective.


Teachers push every student to aim higher. Teaching develops curious learners who are resilient and not afraid to get it wrong.


Teachers have a thorough knowledge of their classes, recognising their diversity, their attainment in recent years and their specific needs. Through quality first teaching and differentiation they ensure that all students are nurtured, no student is left behind and that learning is accessible to all students. Appropriate intervention is designed and delivered.


Teachers ensure that students are exam ready. Students are taught how to effectively revise and there are regular opportunities to practise and embed revision strategies in each year group.

Metacognition and self-regulation:

Students understand the process of learning and are taught strategies to plan, monitor and evaluate their learning. They know their strengths and weaknesses, and take ownership over their learning.

Effective assessment and feedback:

Teachers ensure that students know what success looks like. They model good work and provide incisive feedback. There is valuable dialogue between teachers and student. Teachers make consistent judgments about students’ progress and attainment based on standardised and accurate systems of assessment. Assessments and homework are used to move learning on.

Curriculum Plans