The Catholic High School


 Addressing the needs of each pupil

As a school we use the Compass evaluation tool to assess how well our existing careers provision meets the needs of all students. We regularly review the learning goals, mindsets and skills our students need for progression. We explore destinations figures for key stage 4 and post 16 students and identify any deficits in take-up of pathways, subjects or courses that could be addressed by better tailoring of the careers programme. We consult with students and other stakeholders about what they see as the most important barriers in making good post-school progression. We aim to ensure that our careers programme contains specific plans for groups of students who need tailored support to make effective career transitions. Our careers programme identifies providers who, in collaboration with your Careers Adviser, other schools and Enterprise Adviser, support the enhancement of your programme. We have established and are developing and maintaining systems for recording individual advice and careers interventions given to each student. There is help students to be proactive career managers by maintaining their own records of career development. The school collects and maintain accurate data for each student on their education, training and employment destinations after they leave school. We use your information on student destinations to draw together a list of alumni who can support and enhance our careers and enterprise programme.