Health and Safety

Policy Statement

  • The Governing Body is committed to securing the health and safety of employees, pupils, visitors, contractors or anyone affected by the school’s activities.
  • All aspects of health and safety shall be considered to be of the highest priority by everyone working inside the school environment. Co-operation between teaching, non-teaching staff and students shall therefore be actively encouraged and pursued.
  • All activities and operations shall be conducted in accordance with relevant statutory obligations. Where appropriate, a close working relationship shall exist with the Local Authority (Cheshire West and Cheshire) to develop and implement measures designed to achieve an acceptably high level of health and safety protection.
  • Any relevant information about school activities that affect health and safety shall be made available to employees, pupils, parents and public/statutory bodies.

Organisational Responsibilities

General responsibilities:

  1. All employees shall have a duty of care both towards themselves and others with particular reference to the use of approved equipment and working methods and assessment of risks associated with any new ventures or expeditions.
  1. All employees and pupils shall immediately report to the Site Maintenance Staff, or through the on-line reporting system (Every - online reporting system), any health and safety hazards relating to the school site buildings, equipment, fixtures and fittings.

Every incident will be formally reported and recorded on a school ‘accident/incident’ form, including any first aid administered.    Any injuries leading to either a pupil, member of staff or visitor leaving the school early will be formally reported through to CWAC H&S Team for consideration for notification to the HSE via the on-line Prime system.

    1. All employees shall be expected to be aware of all relevant standards issued or commended by the School and have ready access to such documents.
    1. Employees shall normally make observations and raise issues with their Heads of Departments.  The Governors also welcome the additional support of the Trade Unions in health and safety matters and employees should therefore feel free to contact the appropriate Trade Union Safety Representative.
  • The Headteacher has the overall responsibility for the implementation of the school health and safety policy and shall ensure that all pupils understand and abide by all safety rules.

Additionally, the Headteacher shall be responsible for:

  1. Reviewing health and safety performance in an annual written report for presentation to the Governing Body.
  1. Monitoring the effectiveness of health and safety arrangements by meeting with each senior line manager at least annually. Topics to be reviewed shall include past performance and incident statistics.   Any exceptional expenditure on health and safety shall also be identified. 
  1. Ensuring that “spot checks” are carried out with departmental personnel, which will also support the on-going process of awareness and communication of health and safety matters.
  1. Ensuring the Health and Safety always appears on the agenda at meetings with non-teaching staff, which will allow issues to be discussed and training needs to be identified.
  1. The organisation of the checking of safety equipment and the evacuation drills each term.

A school Health and Safety Co-ordinator shall be appointed from the senior staff whose key responsibilities shall be:

  1. To communicate the requirements of the school Health and Safety Policy to all relevant personnel.
  1. To act as the first point of contact with external agencies on health and safety matters.
  1. To receive requests for specialist help from any employee.

Heads of Departments shall have particular responsibilities within their own areas for:

  1. Control of hazards.
  1. Checking staff compliance with standards set down in departmental health and safety reference files.
  1. Induction and supervision of new, temporary or probationary staff in safety standards and procedures.
  1. Induction and supervision of students in safety standards and procedures.
  1. Formally discussing health and safety with all staff at least once a term.
  1. Exploiting their curricula on a regular basis so that pupils receive an on-going awareness and education of all aspects of health and safety.
  1. Ensuring that all health and safety information is conveyed to newly qualified and new teachers.
  1. Ensuring that all new staff are fully aware of the communication channels set up for the dissemination of health and safety information.
  1. Ensuring that formal acknowledgement of receipt is received from departmental members following dissemination of any health and safety information.
  1. Communicating subject specific guidelines to new and temporary staff members.
  1. Placing on record their health and safety procedures, which must be regularly updated.
  1. Ensuring that health and safety always appears as a fixed agenda item at departmental meetings during which issues can be raised and discussed and training needs identified. Issues arising should be brought to the attention of the Line Manager.
  1. Ensuring that on training needs are identified on a timely basis – the successful implementation of the health and safety policy depends upon the knowledge and skill of all staff.
  • Ensuring that specialist school equipment shall never be used without teacher supervision nor utilised by a non-specialist.

The Senior Teacher responsible for staff replacements shall ensure that a copy of the school health and safety policy is placed on the staff notice-board and also ensure that it is drawn to the attention of all supply teachers.  Specific Risk Assessments for department activities will be reviewed annually or/and any time of significant change in process or personnel.

Line Managers shall ensure that staff and pupils under their control are competent for the tasks they are called on to perform. 

Contractors and hirers must be able to satisfy the School of their competence to carry out their activities safely and to make satisfactory arrangements for fire and other related emergency precautions.

  • The Staff Committee may nominate a staff member to act as the Health and Safety Representative for the school.
  • On any external visits the Group Leader shall be responsible for ensuring that the host establishment representative explains clearly all in-house health and safety procedures and in particular, evacuation procedures in the case of emergency. Before any visit is undertaken any lead employee must refer to and comply with the Educational Visits Policy.

Risk Assessment

The underlying process, which secures this Policy, is risk assessment.  Assessments of significant risks will be made in conjunction with those affected and recorded in writing.  It will be the responsibility of the Headteacher, Heads of Departments and Line Managers to ensure that relevant risk assessments are maintained and kept up to date.   Where no guidance exists on a specific topic, staff will follow the CWAC risk assessment process.

Contractors and School Partnerships

  • Contractors carrying out work for the School will be vetted for their Health & Safety performance.  They will be required to act in accordance with this Policy and the School’s specified local arrangements.  Contractors will be required to assess the risks to anyone who might be affected as a result of the performance of the contract.  In particular, they will be required to make appropriate arrangements with the Headteacher to ensure that the School’s Governing Body and users are sufficiently and suitably informed and consulted on issues relevant to risk control. 
  • School linked partners and hirers will exchange Health & Safety policies and procedures with the School and ensure that the health and safety of all school staff and users will be protected to a level which is reasonably practicable and equivalent in standard to the School.  In particular, partners will be required to provide school staff and others who might be directly affected with sufficient guidance and advice on any risks or procedures which will be new or unusual in comparison with school’s activities.

Inspection and Monitoring

The Headteacher/Health & Safety Co-ordinator will undertake the necessary arrangements for procedures to be examined and workplaces to be inspected to ensure that precautions remain suitable and sufficient by conducting a whole school Annual Risk Assessment and Safety Review.  Feedback from this process will be referred to the Governing Body.

Policy Review

This Policy will be reviewed annually.  The Governing Body will receive a summary report covering key issues, based on the Annual Risk and Safety Review, at least annually.

Approved and ratified by the Full Governing Body 2015
Approved and ratified by the Full Governing Body May 2016