Health and Social Care

At the Catholic High School we are proud to offer Health and Social Care at G.C.S.E in the form of BTEC and previously at A level standard within our Sixth Form (this has been removed from the curriculum from September 2015, please see below for more details).

Health and social care is a course particularly aimed at students who think they would like to work in: the caring services (for example social work, youth and community work, probation, housing, counselling or advice work), the health services and with small children. 

G.C.S.E Level we study the BTEC First in Health and Social Care level 2 Award. 

What is a BTEC?

  • Health and Social care is part of the BTEC’s delivered at our school.
  • BTECs are slightly different to other subjects as they are practical, and have a hands on approach to studying.
  • Students are assessed continuously through the course through assignments, coursework, role play etc.
  • Students sit one exam at the end of year 10
  • Qualification will qualify for 1 G.C.S.E

Over Year 10 and Year 11 we will study four units in total, which will be made up of core and optional units including:  (Units in bold are Mandatory)

Unit 1: Human Lifespan Development

This unit is exam based and provides students with the opportunity to explore how we grow and develop. Investigating factors such as our; physical, intellectual, emotional and social development as well as how life events may affect a person.

Unit 2: Health and Social Care Values

In this unit we explore questions such as:

What is good practice in health and social care?

What ensures that good practice is applied to support individuals who use health and social care services?

Throughout this coursework based topic students will gain an understanding of how these care values are applied in health and social care, and the methods used to empower people and to make sure their needs are met. 

Your Teacher will also have the choice to choose two units from a variety of different optional coursework units, however our current favourites are:

Unit 3:   Effective communication

Unit 5:   Promoting Health and Wellbeing

Unit 6:   Impact of Nutrition on Health and Wellbeing

Students who want to enrol on the course must have high attendance, be organised in
bringing equipment to lessons, and be able to complete assignments independently with guidance from their teachers. The work includes presentations, role play, written coursework, preparation for interviews and designing questionnaires to gather information.  


Head of Department

Miss F Ellis-Morgan BSC Psychology with Criminology (University of Chester) PGCE (Manchester) Social Sciences

Miss Ellis-Morgan has worked at our school now for 6 years and was appointed Head of Department in 2012.  She was nominated by students for a Pearson Teaching Award in 2012. Whilst at The Catholic High School Chester she has taught on some of the Health and Social Care modules at AS and A Level, and has previously taught Units on our BTEC qualification at both year 10 and year 11. 


For our current Year 10

Mrs Higgins BEd (Hons), - Head of Design & Technology, Teacher of Food Technology - teaches Unit 6: The impact of nutrition on Health.

Mrs Ellett BA (Hons) Graphic Design, PGCE, /Mr Haven – Mrs Ellett taught Unit 1: Human lifespan development until December and Mr Haven will teach the topic for the remained of the year.  

For our current Year 11

Mrs Richards BSc Sport and Exercise Science, GTP- delivers our Unit 2: Health and Social Care Values.

Mrs Kerhsaw-Jones B.A. (Hons) Art & Design; PGCE Art & Design - teaches Unit 5: Promoting Health and Wellbeing. 

A Level Health and Social Care

From September 2015 we no longer be offer Health and Social Care. This specification will only be applied to those currently undertaking the year 12 course.

Once in Sixth Form, students will undertake the AQA A level.  

AS level:

HSC01: Effective Care and communication

HSC02: Understanding Health Conditions and Patient Care Pathways (examined unit)

Both these topics are taught throughout the year, with students completing the exam at the end of the AS year in May/June.

HSC01: Effective Care and communication

This is a coursework based topic introduces students to the communication skills used in health, social care, children and young people and community justice sectors, and helps them to explore factors which are required for a good quality of life.  It also ensures students develop some of the skills and techniques practitioners can use in order to treat people well.

HSC02: Understanding Health Conditions and Patient Care

This develops the students’ knowledge and understanding of a range of health conditions and how best to treat them.  To do this they consider these conditions in the Exam based unit:
Asthma, Stroke, Cancer, Heart disease, Diabetes, Sexually-transmitted infections, Mental health- eating disorders and schizophrenia. 

A2 Level

HSC06: Practitioner roles.

In this coursework students will investigate the people who work in Health and Social Care. They research and explore two optional roles, gaining a wealth of knowledge and understanding of their jobs as well as interviewing one of the two people chosen. 

HSC07: Food and Fitness

This includes taking an exam looking at food components, balanced diets that suit the needs of the client and a range exercises which help maintain the fitness, health and well-being of individuals. 

Year 12/13

Mrs Richards BSc Sport and Exercise Science   (N.E.W.I, Wrexham), Postgraduate diploma in Exercise and Nutrition Science (University of Chester) GTP (University of Chester) She teaches all of our Year 12 and 13 programme at A level.