Information for Parents

In this section you will find the mandatory information we must publish together with additional supporting guidance to help parents support their children.  The mandatory information includes:

  • the content of the curriculum your school follows in each academic year for every subject
  • a list of the courses available to pupils at KS4, including GCSEs - this is provided to students and parents in our options booklets in addition to further departmental curriculum subjects information

Key Stage 4 Subject Options 9 PIN 2016.pdf 

Key Stage 4 Subject Options 9YA 2016.pdf

  • how parents or other members of the public can find out more about the curriculum your school is following - please see the contact details below of Mrs Nordmann, Deputy Headteacher

We have also created booklets to inform and support parents. The booklets below are designed to provide students with relevant information about the home study that we would expect our students to be working on in the evenings and at weekends.

There is also information about how we set levels for our students at Key Stage 3, how these levels are assessed and how we report that information to you. Finally there is a section at the end of suggested approaches to spelling and reading that you may wish to use. This information will be updated in September 2016 to reflect the changes to levels and the move to linear or end of course exams.
It is important to realise that whilst we endeavour to keep to the schedules detailed in these booklets, events may occur that mean the pattern is disrupted. This will include time when students do not follow their usual timetable due to events or educational visits for example. Please do bear this is mind if you feel work is not following the schedules. Equally subject teachers may decide to change the order or even complete different assessments or home study tasks. This may be because the students have not reached the necessary point in class or if their assessments show further work is required on an area they are studying.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further clarification or wish to discuss levels for your son/daughter.

Mrs Nordmann
Deputy Head                                

01244 981600

KS3 HW and COA Info Booklet - Yr7 2015 (PDF) 
KS3 HW and COA Info Booklet - Yr8 2015 (PDF) 
KS3 HW and COA Info Booklet - Yr9 2015 (PDF)